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Bromophenol Blue

Bromophenol Blue

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Details :

  • Article - 1206-90

  • Molecular Formula - C19H10Br4O5S

  • Molecular Weight - 669.96

  • H.S. Code - 3204.1300

  • CAS No. - 115-39-9

  • UN No. - NA

  • IMCO Class - NA

  • Packing Group - NA


Colour marker to monitor the process of agarose gel electrophoresis and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis; as a dye at neutral pH, the dye absorbs red light most strongly and transmits blue light. Solutions of the dye therefore are blue. At low pH, the dye absorbs ultraviolet and blue light most strongly and appears yellow in solution. In solution at pH 3.6 (in the middle of the transition range of this pH indicator) obtained by dissolution in water without any pH adjustment, bromophenol blue has a characteristic green red color. Bromphenol blue is the substance with the highest known value of Kreft's dichromaticity index; Acid-Base indicator between pH 3.0 and 4.6. It changes from yellow at pH 3.0 to purple at pH 4.6; this reaction is reversible. Bromophenol blue is structurally related to phenolphthalein



  • Appearance - Yellow to brown crystalline powder

  • Physical State - Solid, Fine Powder

  • Loss On Drying - Max 1.0%

  • pH 3.0 - 4.6 - Greenish Yellow To Blue Violet

  • Transition Range - PH 3.0: Greenish Yellow; PH 4.6: Bluish Violet

  • Packing - 25kg


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