Surgical Instruments

Surgical Instruments Manufacturers, Exporters, Traders

Recommended by chief medical practitioners, our Medical Surgical Instruments are highly dependable. We stand in frontline of principal Surgical Instruments Manufacturers. Only high quality raw materials are used in manufacturing of these surgical instruments. A complete range of Medical Surgical Instruments is available with us.


  • Ryles Tube
  • Infant Feeding Tube
  • Levins Tube
  • Stomach Tube


  • Urethral Catheter
  • Nelaton catheter
  • Urine Collection Bag
  • Paediatric Urine Collection Bag
  • T.U.R. Set (trans Urethral Resection Set)
  • Urine Culture Bottle

Surgical Dressings & Wound Care Products

  • Absorbent Gauze Swabs
  • X-Ray Detectable Gauze Swabs
  • Laparotomy Sponges
  • X-Ray Detectable Laparotomy Sponges
  • Gamjee Pads
  • Gamjee Rolls
  • Combine Dressing Pads
  • Eye Pads
  • 4-Folded Roller Gauze
  • Gauze in Rolls
  • Bandage Rolls
  • Orthopaedic Cast Rolls