Calcium Boride Powder

Copper melts must be deoxidized shortly before casting, and the deoxidizing agent must not alter the physical properties of the alloy, particularly, its high electrical conductivity - one of the most chief properties of copper.


Properties: Calcium boride is the only material that does not reduce the electrical conductivity of copper, even when it is used in relatively large amounts. Deoxidation of the melt by calcium boride (CaB6) is therefore part of the copper refining process..


The calcium boride (CaB6) powder is ideal for copper melts. The defined decomposition rate of the powder removes all oxygen. The reaction products collect in the slag. The powder can be introduced into the melt either loose or in sacrificial containers.


Average usage: 60 g per 100 kg of molten copper.


Product Data

  • Chemical formula - CaB6

  • Molecular weight - 104.95 g/mol

  • Crystal structure - Cubic

  • Specific gravity - 2.450 g/cc

  • Melting point - 2.235 Deg Centigarde

  • Hardness (Mohs scale) - 8-9

  • Hardness (Knoop scale), HK 0.1 - 1.650 N/mm2

  • Thermal expansion (20-1000 °C) - 6.5 . 10-6 K-1

  • Thermal conductivity (at room temperature) - 70 W/m . K

  • Electrical resistivity (at room temperature) - 100 . 10-6 0 cm*)


Maximum application temperature,

  • Oxidizing atmosphere - 700°C

  • Inert atmosphere - 2000°C


Properties Chemistry ( typical values )

  • Ca +B - NLT 90%

  • C - NMT 5%


Grain size distribution ( typical values )

  • Particle size - 20 mesh

  • 97 % of grain sizes - <850 µm

  • 95 % of grain sizes - > 40 µm


Application :

  • As boric additives used for making dolomite carbon bricks and magnesia dolomite carbon bricks, to enhance the thermal strength, ability of anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion;

  • As raw materials used for making high purity metal boride such as TiB2, ZrB2, HfB2 etc., and boron alloys such as Ni-B, Co-B, Cu-B etc.;

  • Used for production of the mixture of activator Ca3B2N4 and hexagonal nitride, which is the good material for making crystal cube B2N4 of excellent performance;

  • As a new material of neutron prevention in nuclear industry;

  • Used as deoxidizer to enhance the strength of high conduction copper; Deoxidizing agent for non-ferrous molten metals and alloys, in particular for copper; Additive for carbon containing refractories (antioxidant)

  • Used as a new type of semiconductor for making the spinning electron component of 900 K temperature

  • Used as boronizer with function of desulfurization and deoxygenation in boron alloy

  • As the raw material for making boron trichloride and monolithic boron.


Product Name Calcium Boride
Items Results
Chemical composition
B (Boron) (%) (N LT – 55%) 0.57
Ca (Calcium) (%) (NLT - 33%) 0.34